I create books for children. And I lead a family of digital health agencies.

About Me

I write and illustrate books for children, often with a climate theme tucked into their pages. Those books are published throughout the world — from Poland to Portugal, Slovenia to South Korea, Germany to Japan. I have the great fortune of collaborating with television producers from time to time, something I hope to do more of in the near future.

I also combine design, creativity, and strategy to solve business, brand, and experience problems for my clients and for myself. I have worked with many of the world's premier brands, in a range of sectors, and I have founded or helped to found a number of businesses — some successful, some not. In recent years, I have chosen to focus my energies on one of America's most vexing challenges: healthcare. I currently run a family of digital health agencies which partner with leading healthcare companies to bring novel solutions to market.

I live in Minnesota with my family and spend my free time relaxing with a cup of coffee, reading, and playing soccer.

My Businesses
Translate Health
Innovation & Design for Healthcare
Strategic Content for Healthcare
Coaching for Early-Stage Professionals
Things I Like
Animation Filmmakers
Hayao Miyazaki
Tomm Moore
Drew Hodges
Grant Orchard
Jorge R. Gutierrez
Live Action Filmmakers
Jean-Pierre Melville
Mike Mills
Paul Thomas Anderson
Wes Anderson
Denis Villeneuve
Reading Screenplays
Ex Machina
Coming Home
Lost In Translation
Dr. Strangelove
The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay
There There
All Things John le Carré

Thoughts become things. For me, that often means books.

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